Festival Of Mary 2023

"Luxe Midsommar Picnic"

Dress: white/cult/hot!

Sat 25th February, 1pm-5pm*

* in case of rain, 12pm-4pm with a venue change to Kirribilli!

Please re-check this website from 9am on the day and/or follow @fomupdates on Twitter

Afterparty: if there is one, it's got a STRICT cutoff at 10! For babysitter planning purposes. At Alfred St.

Current status: 1pm PICNIC

Picnic Venue: St Leonard's Park, Miller St, facing the bandstand near North Sydney Oval

Cost: Knees, and possibly a human sacrifice

Backup venue

12pm-4pm at The Back Balcony at the Kirribilli Neighbourhood Centre

Yes, the time changes if it rains!